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What You Can and Can’t Change during a Bathroom Renovation

A Bathroom Remodeler’s Tips for Organizing a Successful Renovation

There are some things that you can change during a bathroom renovation and some things that are harder to improve. As a remodeling company, we have done this plenty of times, and if you visit a bathroom remodeler to help you with the design, then you won’t need to read this article. However, if you plan on designing your own remodeling project, then here is what you need to consider before you begin:

  • Among the list of things that can be replaced or improved is the flooring. You can change it anyway you like, just don’t seal the drain because it may lead to flooding. What you can do is change the flooring to ceramic tiles, concrete, marble, mosaics, or any other material you imagine.
  • The same goes for the walls. You can redecorate and re-paint them any way you like. That includes using ceramic tiles for wall insulation, or painting it with watertight paint finishes.
  • The decorations and bathroom furniture can also be improved to make the place more comfortable and more spacious.

On the other hand, there are things that are not so easy to modify.

  • The plumbing fixtures should be on top of that list. They can only be replaced and not moved around. Well, you can actually change the position of the fixtures, but it’s very hard work. Also, it can be pretty expensive.
  • Another thing that most people forget to consider when moving plumbing fixtures around is the ventilation. It is built in one place and also can’t be relocated easily. That can be a problem because the vent works better when it’s close to the toilet or the shower. If it’s too far from that, your bathroom won’t get properly ventilated, and you may have problems with water damage, and bad odors.
  • Lastly, as a bathroom remodeler, I always remind people to consider the lighting. The light is very important when it comes to grooming procedures. We recommend you use the windows and all natural light sources to the fullest.

Planning a bathroom renovation project can be hard. So, if you ever need any help with it, simply call a bathroom remodeler. If you don’t know any, then give This N That Residential Remodeling & Repair a call! We are available for appointments at (414) 491-8289.

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